(250) 832-4044

The SASCU Recreation Centre Weight Room is now open.

Limited numbers will be allowed on a first come first serve basis.

Fitness Room Rules:

  1. Patrons 16 years of age and older are welcome during open hours
  2. Proper and appropriate attire is required:
    • T-shirts or other suitable shirts must be worn
  3. Proper footwear is required:
    • Clean indoor shoes - No sandals, flip flops, boots, etc
  4. Weights and equipment must be sanitized and put away after use; please wipe off with disinfectant and paper towel provided
  5. Food is not allowed in the fitness room
  6. Please bring a towel for personal use
  7. Please limit your use of each piece of equipment to 30 minutes when others are waiting
  8. In consideration of others, this is a scent-free room